He tabernacled among us too

Advent and Surprised by God

“…just for this moment, let me say again, thank you, and thanks be to our loving, surprising God.” Mary Douglas Glasspool

On December 5th, Rev Mary Douglas Glasspool was elected Bishop Suffragan to the Diocese of Los Angeles at their 114th annual convention. 3 Bishops were elected in The Episcopal Church last week, the controversial aspect of this one is that Mary is an openly gay woman in a relationship. Ordained for almost 30 years and currently ministering in Maryland, Rev Douglas Glasspool will be the second openly gay Bishop elected in TEC – the first being Bishop Gene Robinson in 2003.

Before the appointment can procede, the majority of Bishops and diocesan Standing Committees need to approve her being made a Bishop. This will happen within the next 120 days, and if accepted, her installation will take place on May 15th 2010.

Yet again, TEC is leading the call of Christ for the Good News to include all people, both male and female, rich and poor, gay and straight, black and white. Personally, as a Presbyterian, I do not believe that magisterial Bishops are part of the order of the New Testament Church, and therefore cannot understand that LGBT folks are allowed to be Priests but not Bishops, but thats another debate. I confess to not knowing the Bishop-Elect’s theological position, but I welcome the fact that she has been elected in an open and honest way, and wish TEC God’s richest and fullest blessing as she continues down a path of declaring God’s love, grace and mercy to ALL people. I pray that the voices decrying this move, both within TEC and from other parts of the Anglican Communion would stop and think about Grace and listening to the Spirit, as Peter and the other Apostles had to do in relation to the inclusive inclusion of the Gentiles without additional requirements.

For a close up view, and a very thoughtful analysis of the issues surrounding Rev Mary Douglas Glasspool’s election read my friend Scott Gunn’s blog here


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