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Petition of Christian Leaders on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

The Christian Think Tank Ekklesia has launched an online Petition against Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill. This follows the World Day of Prayer on 17th November to pray against the proposed Bill.

Please seriously consider adding your name to the Petition here.

Sadly, the Archbishop of York, Rev John Sentamu has made it clear he refuses to comment – or condemn – the Bill. There is silence from the Palace of Lambeth. Meanwhile, on the 15th November, the Executive Council of the Anglican Church of Canada unanimously condemned the Bill. The number of Christian voices raised against the Bill is growing. Evangelical Anglican group Fulcrum has voiced concern, regarding the proposed legislation as “fatally flawed from a Christian perspective” Given the place of the Anglican Church in Uganda, it is essential that Anglicans across the world make clear they do not support the proposed legislation. Rowan Williams can not afford to maintain silence against the proposed – and indeed, existing – discrimination and persecution of human rights in Uganda.